The Blueys return to the goat track Saturday was one of bitter anti- climax despite a sensational start fourths stormed into second spot club record thrashing handed out by thirds to move back to the top of the comp colts had a come  from behind win to stay in second and seconds maintained their undefeated record so the stage was set for firsts

1st Grade

Georges 200th top game the Blueys leading the club championship and massive form on the board however it was not to be the great finish to the day we were all hoping for.
Were outplayed for most of the match but were still in touch well into the second half in fact were only down by three at the break before Uni put the foot to the floor and put the game beyond doubt with a 27-14 victory. The Blueys showed little of the form they took into the match seemed lack lustre energy appeared low and made far too many unforced errors. However in their next all important outing against St Pats they know in what areas they need to improve including hopefully a bit more “mongrel”. It was not a great day at the office this team has the ability to do far better but the one real shining light was the form of Danny Kroll who continues to grow each week from a base of Rugby brilliance in the first place and we were fortunate to have his calm cool and class running things on the day.(and course we cannott forget Gavs blinding 5 pointer)
BM 14 (J Kondeck G Duncan tries D Kroll 2 cons
B&F 3 D Kroll 2 G Duncan 1  M power PP Danny Kroll

2nd Grade

Seconds are still undefeated after yet another slow start with a 26-17 victory. Uni were up 10-0 early with two tries conceded one soft and the other an intercept but the boys dug deep gradually took control and with the forwards on fire in the second half in particular stormed home. Plenty contributed to this fifth victory in a row but none more than number 8 Pai Magverata returning from rep duties he was devastatingly brilliant in all phases of play and behind him Jazz feasted on the results and of course Graham Kondek continued his white hot form and of course off the paddock Pete Richey was exceptional under plenty of pressure.
BM 26 (R Tuisovivi 2 B Leicester J Hourigan tries L McNicol 3 cons)
B&F 3 P Magaverata 2 J Hourigan 1 G Kondek PP Graham Kondek


Had to come from 10-0 down and stormed into second spot on the ladder with a convincing 28-17 win their first ever over Uni. Despite the injury toll this team of young Blueys stars of the future refuses to lie down and this game was another example of just how good they can be when they put their mind to playing Rugby and this mindset coupled with their ability gave Uni a footy lesson. Luke Ruttley was sensational and deserved his man of the match status an intense training session the night before at the Lappo must have helped heaps and while he was top of the tree so many of this side deserved mention with more of the same needed against St Pats.
BM 28 (C Lock T Sargeant B Borg S Ingram tries T Sargeant 4 cons)
B&F 3 L Ruttley 2 C Lock 1 K Doyle PP Jared Cremona Tom Sargeant

3rd Grade

Smashed their way to the top of the table with a stunning club record 64-0 victory. While it was obvious Uni were struggling from the start ,its the sign of a good side when they can maintain the intensity on the field for the whole game even though the end result is known after the first ten minutes. Plenty of great Rugby Turtle crossed for a try that Billy Slater would have been proud of James Richey turned in yet another master class giving Uni nightmares all game and scoring 24 points to boot and of course apart from scoring that try Turtle was a constant inspiration.
BM 64 (S Henderson 3 J Richey 2 T Wisebey 2 A Childs L Mclean M Kelly tries J Richey 7 cons)
B&F 3 J Richey 2 S Henderson 1 M Kelly PP Matt  Kelly

4th Grade

Their purple patch of form continues playing good Rugby and with bench players to burn the boys blew Uni off the park 26-7,to replace them in second spot on the ladder. It is not real hard to understand though with players like Dayne Nicholls and Bully to lead the way the visitors never really had the chance to show what talent they had. The win was impressive and important and while memories of Tommys lineout throws had coach Duckman on the port after the game it was a great start for then Blueys on the day.
BM 26 (A Wright 2 A Bissett 1 D Nicholls tries D Pontois 3 cons)
B&F 3 D Nicholls 2 L Bartels 1 A Wright PP Brendan Bull