Two defining moments,and a couple of lost chances went against the Blueys when they went down 22-17 to Hunters Hill in the grand final replay at Lappo.An almost length of the field intercept try against the run of play,and a controversial no try decision in the clubhouse corner were to prove crucial,as was a couple of lost opportunities at vital stages.It was a game the Blueys could have so easily won,however,for all in attendance it was a tough and high standard 80 minutes of Rugby which gave early indications that these two teams are going to be dominant again.Jack led the team out to break the club record for first grade games,Danny Kroll was again just all class,Nick OGorman continued his sensational first grade career so far,and of course the white hot start to the season for Brad Brown was still on the boil with him putting in another stunning effort.

Seconds remain undefeated after yet another tough challenge winning 20-13,once again a brutal pack of forwards laid the foundation for the home team,in a solid all round display.Jeff Kondek led the way grabbing best and fairest and players player honours in a gutsy and determined effort,while of course Bully kept everyone entertained all day with his all round skills, Turtle rose to the challenge continually denting the oppositions constant attempts to secure victory with his natural combination of Rugby knowledge and experience,while all at the ground were in awe of Will Hannen in his higher grade debut,and of course Jake Green was exceptional on his way to losing his movie star looks!

The colts went down 31-22 in a match they were more than equal to the opposition,but gave them too many chances on the day,which they took.The young Blueys were probably just a bit too enthusiastic,trying to be too creative in instead of just knuckling down and playing basic rugby particularly up front.However,they certainly have the talent and spirit,they kept comming back time and time again and and eventually they will be rewarded on a regular basis.Those to stand included Alex OGorman who rightfully recieved man of the match and players player accolades in a solid performance,while Will Hannen and Liam Frank were also worthy of mention.

The “Silver Fox” Dave Thomas was in classic touch in thirds,however he was the best of a bunch in a team that turned in a real jeckyll and Hyde effort thrashed 36-0 by an opposition who didnt really have to do much,as every bounce of the ball went their way,and this was also helped by some shoddy handling and poor defence,Dayne Nicholls and Jarrod Hourigan also gave their best in a game best forgotten.

Fours started off the day with yet another gradual improvement snatching a 17-17 draw with Hunters Hill.Jesse Needham and Michael Wade played leading roles in this hard fought encounter,while weight loss king Tom Pittman put aside the man shakes  to put in a promising display.