Rugby returned to Lappo Oval after the mid winter break against Hills and quite an amazing game of footy was in store for all at the ground.Running out in pink in honour of ladies day the home team was strong favourites to beat the fourth placed visitors,and all went to plan with George crashing over early,and Krollys conversion made it 7-0,but as the game wore on the Blues found themselves unable to go on with the job.With things like periodical lack of control of the ball at the breakdown,the opposition was given a sniff and replied by getting plenty of possession and very dominant field position,but by half time they had only been able to manage a try to their winger and the Blueys were still in frontby two.While the home crowd waited for the tide to turn,it just didnt happen and in fact the Blueys didnt get out of their own half for almost twenty minutes,and with the loss of skipper George the team looked to be on the rack.A lesser side would have cracked under the massive pressure,but Mountains hung on,with plenty of guts and amazing defence to deny Hills time and time again.Then finally,they were rewarded late with James Richey slicing through next to the posts,then man of the match Adam Mills smashed his way over the line in front of the ladies with five would be defenders hanging off his back to seal victory,the look on the Hills fullback face as Millsy charged towards him was priceless!

3 Adam Mills 2 James Richey 1,Danny Kroll  Players Player Adam Mills

Doddsy lost yet another clump or two of his greying hair as Sam Henderson scored virtually on the bell to record a vital 21-17 victory over Hills.It was a tough encounter and has happened so many times this season the Blueys had to really get down in the trenches and fight for every inch of ground they gained,but as usual they never gave up,and with inspirational players like Matt Wilton leading the way,the end result was justified.

3 Matt Wilton 2 Tom Phillipson 1 Paul Danby,Ian Docherty  Players Player Ellis Patrick

The colts were also last minute winners in a entertaining game of Rugby scoring a vital 38-34 win over the visitors to move within striking distance of the top four.Once again these youngsters at time took a few too many chances instead of playing with structure,call it youthful exuberance,but when they did play Rugby wow,this team has so much raw talent.Anyone watching would not have been more impressed with man of the match Connor Lowe,what a game,the opposition were in fear of him in both attack and defence all day and up and comming cult figure Finn Otoole was also sensational.The final play showed this team has ticker as well,one minute to go the opposition kick off after scoring to go to a three point lead,Luke Ruttley storms through forces the error from the Hills recipient,then Blueys get a penalty,instead of a certain three points and a draw,they go for it and Will Hannen crashes over to grab a memorable victory.

3 Connor Lowe 2 Will Hannen 1 Finn O Toole Players Player Connor Lowe

Thirds slipped back out of the top four with a gut wrenching 17-14 loss.the first half belonged to the visitors,they led 12-0 at the break and in the early part of the second half they looked like they were going to go on with the job,but the Blueys finally came to life and stormed home with the likes of John  Chan and Thomas Lewsley running amok ,tries to Grant Skinner and Daniel Fay set up a grandstand finish,and the boys came so close in the final play of the game in front of the clubhouse.

3 John Chan 2 Thomas Lewsley 1 Gareth Mathews Players Player John Chan

The fearsome fourths continued their improvement also throwing in a last minute victory,when winger Ricky Hair followed halftime instructions running straight and hard,focusing on the line ahead to touch down for a sensational try to give the early birds a 15-13 win.There were plenty of heroes on the day,Slim Pittman and James Brown were good but it was hard to past the pairing of Nick Richardson and Nathan Wright as the two best players on the paddock.

3 Nathan Wright 2 Tom Pittman1 James Brown Players player Nick Richardson.