Congratulations to the following 2017 award winners.

4th Grade 4th Grade Most Consistent Back Ricky Hair
  ”         “ 4th Grade Most Consistent Forward Jake Green
Mick McCarthy Award 4th Grade Players Player Nick Richardson
   ”        “ 4th Grade Best & Fairest Garrie McEwan
  4th Grade Most Improved Jake Green
Encouragement Award John Chan
  4th Grade Coaches Award Jesse Needham
3rd Grade 3rd Grade Most Consistent Back Connor McNicol
   ”     “ 3rd Grade Most Consistent Forward Gareth Matthews
    ”       “ 3rd Grade Players Player Isaac Junod
    ”      “ 3rd Grade Best & Fairest Connor McNicol
    “      “ 3rd Grade Coaches Award Henry Baker
Mouldy Boot Award Ash Livingstone
Trainers Award Brad Leicester/Henry Baker
Jim Sweeney Award David Thomas
Colts Colts Most Consistent Back Liam Frank
  “ Colts Most Consistent Forward Will Hannen
   “ Colts Players Player Alex O’Gorman & Liam Frank
    “ Colts Best & Fairest Liam Frank & Luke Ruttley
Colts Coaches Award Lachie McNicol
Tight Five Player of the Year            Adam Mills
2nd Grade 2nd Grade Most Consistent Back Lachlan McKenzie
   ”       “ 2nd Grade Most Consistent Forward Liam Butler
    ”         “ 2nd Grade Players Player Brendan Bull
    ”     “ 2nd Grade Best & Fairest Grant Prior
    ”     “ 2nd Grade Coaches Award Paul Danby
   ”      “ 2nd Grade Player of the Finals Doug Want
Top Try Scorer Jack Prior & Nick Richardson
Presidents Award James Richey
Clubman of the Year Luke Williams
1st Grade Most Consistent Back Joel Togo
1st Grade 1st Grade Most Consistent Forward John Daniels
   ”    “ Grant Opie Award 1st Grade Players Player Joel Togo
    ”     “ 1st Grade Best & Fairest Nick O’Gorman
   ”    “ 1st Grade Player of the Finals Joel Togo
   ”    “ 1st Grade Coaches Award John Daniels
  Rookie of the Year Connor Lowe
  Coaches Award Wade Murphy
  Colts Player of the finals Liam Frank